Josue Damian-Martinez, also known as “Creative-Jay,” is a writer and hip-hop artist born in Mexico, but raised in Santa Fe, New Mexico where he is the oldest of 4 brothers. His parents immigrated to the United States in 1999, which has become his central motivation to succeed not only for himself but for his family as well.


Family and faith are pinnacle values in his life and music. As a member of a marginalized community, faith has pulled him through when societal and political barriers are out of his control. Furthermore, faith is also a constant reminder of how he should treat the people around him; with human dignity.


In 2019, he graduated with a BA in political science at St. Edward’s University in Austin, Texas. Before college, Josue spent most of his time not only focused on his academics and music but also civically engaged in his community to address some of today’s crucial issues.


Career & Music


At the age of 14, Josue realized his talent in writing and began exploring poetry. He decided to blend the sounds of hip-hop and poetry; this started his career as a musical artist.


During his junior year of high school, Creative-Jay began to share his experiences as a member of the immigrant community. In 2014, Creative-Jay was also a finalist in the Hip Hip Category for the New Mexico Music Awards. Eventually, Creative-Jay became very active during his senior year of high school and performed at various events across Santa Fe, New Mexico.


Creative-Jay is the first in his family to graduate from college and he advocates on behalf of the low-income Latinx community through his music by sharing his story as an undocumented American. He also addresses societal controversies that the global community faces as a whole. His involvement became his muse, which led him to create and release his first album in 2014, "Music Breaks Silence"  The 14 song album features artists from Santa Fe, New Mexico, offering different styles and speaking out on crucial issues within the community.


Between 2015-2018, Creative-Jay became inactive in his music career. While he attended St. Edward’s University, he performed in many informal spaces such as open mics and other school events. The summer of 2018, Creative-Jay was offered a government relations internship in Washington D.C. During his time in D.C, Creative-Jay was at the center of much political discourse and began to realize that he was not pursuing his passions. This motivated the creation and release of the music video "4 Years".


“4 years” became the idea for a new project. When Creative-Jay went back to school for the Fall semester of 2019, he decided to re-focus his energy in music. Three months after his college graduation, Creative-Jay released the mixtape “4 Years,” which speaks on his experience in college and pride in his unique identity. Currently, Creative-Jay is looking to perform in various spaces, eager to tell his story and the story of his community.